Martelly: Bahamas PM ‘looking out for’ Hatians

regionalmartellyandchristieNASSAU — Haitian President Michel Martelly said yesterday he is confident that Prime Minister Perry Christie is looking out for Haitians living in The Bahamas and added that the Haitian community is a “powerful” voting force.

“We do have concerns about it, but we have addressed the matter with the prime minister, we have understood that the prime minister is looking out for the well-being of the Haitians here,” Martelly told reporters when asked if he had worries about the treatment of Haitian detainees.

“Whether we like it or not, the Haitians represent a political force at [the] time of elections. And I’m sure that the prime minister, who is aware of that, not just because he needs them to vote for him, but the prime minister wants their well being. He is a leader, he wants to change the conditions of those living in bad situations…

“He is looking [out] for their well being. He wants to assist them, he understands their situation and they are becoming part of the society here and they are helping to develop The Bahamas also, as they are a part of the workers and the economic force.”

Martelly was among the well-wishers who visited the prime minister’s home on his 70th birthday yesterday. The president was in the country on a short vacation with his family.

Martelly echoed controversial statements he made on a visit to the country three months before the 2012 general election. (Nassau Guardian)

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