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judybaileyA German-based Barbadian gospel artist, who left the island more than 20 years ago, has been making a major impact across the globe with her inspiring music. Judy Bailey, now in the island as the German representative in a 100-voice choir of singers from around the world, is performing at a four-day music festival arranged by the local Anglican Church.

Judy’s music ministry has reached such high standards that she recently performed for the Pope during a trip to Brazil.

“It was fantastic; it was an incredible experience. It was part of the World Youth Day. This was a Catholic event that happens every three years or so, and we had already been a part of this event in Germany and then again in Australia, a few years ago, and then they invited us to Brazil to celebrate there,” said the singer/song writer of her Brazil experience.

“And not only did they say come and play at some event, but they put us in some very key events; and three of them was where the Pope was present,” added the recording artist.

Bailey told High Note that 3.7 million people attended the biggest event.

“And that’s hard to conceive, yuh know, when you think of Barbados and the 270,000 people. And my husband was saying that’s like roughly 10 times the amount of people in Barbados, all in one big stretch, on one big beach, stretching kilometers down; probably for three kilometers, there were just people across a wide width of space — just a massive event,” noted the increasingly popular Christian artist.

Bailey, who has already produced 10 CDs, is on the verge of recording her 11th. “These 10 CDs have a wide range of things. Actually we did a recording in Barbados with Eddie Grant — that was a few years ago. Since then we’ve done stuff in Nashville; we did an album in Nashville. We’ve done different stuff in Germany, where I actually now have been producing the music myself,” she pointed out.

“I just had many different experiences. For the last World Cup, I had a song on the official FIFA album. Just such a wide range of music we’ve been doing and had the chance to do 10 CDs, so that’s great.”

She has performed in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places in Europe.

One of Bailey’s tracks, Extraordinary Life, hit the charts in German, so too, was a German song produced by a collaboration of musicians of which she was a part. This ambitious mother of three has had many touching experiencing during her music ministry journey.

“Immediately what pops to mind are many different experiences; one would be just being in a prison in Hungary; actually singing in a prison in Hungary, with only about 25 women; small setting; me and my guitar and singing a song to the people which says You Are Precious in God’s Eyes.

“I remember just singing the song and opening my eyes, cause I was lost in the song, and practically all the women were crying, because they were sitting in prison and for them to hear that, no matter what you’ve done you are precious in God’s eyes,” related the music minister.

She described it as a moving moment which she was not expecting.

Bailey also remembered singing in a refugee camp in the Congo before a thousand people, who had run from their homes and villages, three days away. The international singer recalled meeting a 19 year old pregnant mother of one child, who escaped from civil war in her village, after her mother, father and husband had been killed.

Sometime afterwards, Bailey eventually met the baby.

“Then I met her in a World Vision in this refugee camp. That’s an organisation that I actually support. She didn’t only have herchild with her, but she had had a baby; and so when she had done all that trip of running she was pregnant, then I met the baby, and she called her baby Happiness. I don’t know what you would call your baby if you were in that situation.” emmanueljoseph@

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