The love of money

I am at a loss as to what prosperity has to do with the gospel. Quite frankly I do not understand what it has to do with salvation and I would be more than grateful if someone could clarify this for me.

The recorded accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John speak of salvation, the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Contained in those accounts is the Great Commission or what should now be seen as the Great Ommission — “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and on the Holy Ghost.”

There used to be a verse in a children’s hymn:

The rich man in his castle,

The poor man at his gate.

God made them high and lowly

And ordered their estate.

We have moved away from this thinking that poverty is the lot of some in life and they should embrace it because that is what God wants for them.

Now surely, that is not what we believe about God. We hold to the belief that our God wants the best for all of us and that He sees all of us as equal.

But does the best equate to dollars and cents or rather dollars and more dollars? Does equality mean that Celeste’s boy from the Farm Road in St. Peter has to believe he can make as much and strive to be like Bill Gates?

It is a lazy man who sits on his skin and says “God will provide” and hope for a miracle. It is a Godly man driven by faith who goes out and uses his talents and make miraculous things happen.

When we are driven by the lust for money I have difficulty thinking that is “of God”.

When we do good and heap up acts of kindness simply because we want to get something; when we do the right and good thing in order or in exchange for anything, it makes me think that God is running a pawn shop.

If we want more money we need to consider getting another or a different job or learning how to save. God is not an ATM or a loans department. God offers salvation, God offers life.

We need to ask ourselves the hard question: Do I want life or do I want money?

I think it is sinful to encourage anyone to store up treasure where rust and moth can destroy and thieves can come in and steal. Instead we should be encouraging each other to live the best life.

We need to speak seriously about God, how He breathed into our soul and place us in a perfect environment which we marred with our own lust, a lust to be just like Him only to be cursed with death by the same breath that gave us life.

The way to get back to perfection was to get perfection. There is no piggy bank or bank account big enough to pay for our sins. We cannot fix ourselves, sin brings death and it took someone perfect — God Himself in the form of Jesus Christ did it for us.

Doing good as we understand it or going to church regularly cannot save us. As one modern thinkers puts it, “that is like spraying perfume on a corpse or stepping in dog mess and refusing to wipe our feet, when the reality is — something here stinks”.

We continue to be led away by our own lust. Sin is the cancer that is spreading throughout the world and distorting truth and snuffing out life, it is the asthma choking us to death.

The reality is that only God can live up to God. His life and His death functioned as payment for the sins of everyone who puts their trust and faith in Him, being guaranteed access to full unity with God because God offers life.

We jump up and cheer because the cheque offered for our payment on Good Friday didn’t bounce but was cleared three days later and we were and are free to go; to go to everyone and tell them about the love and saving grace of God, but more importantly free to come to God and receive love, to receive life.

God isn’t offering money, He has something for everyone — LIFE.

The same life He gave, which we destroyed by sin, is the life He won for us on the cross and now brings to us with pierced feet and hands. What more could be ask for?

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