Children having a blast at Miami beach for the closing of summer

by Michron Robinson

buildingsandcastlesatmiamiThe end of summer is drawing nigh but Barbadians and tourists are still squeezing what they can out of the sun, sea and beach life in general.

Earlier today, a Barbados TODAY team visited the popular Miami beach where children played in the sand, tourists were soaking up the sun and boys jumping off nearby rocks into the cool waters.

The life guards on duty, Ricardo Ward and Don Vaughn, appeared at ease and relaxed amidst the screams of children with their body boards and the gentle splash of the waves.

Vaughn said that this summer was a bit of a breeze while noting that Miami hardly had drownings in recent years.

One tourist who was near to the lifeguard hut shared her experience of being on the island and visiting her favourite Miami beach.

summerfunmiamibeachResident of Queen’s New York Reneta Taylor said that this is her second time in the island and she was thoroughly enjoying it so far after being invited by a friend.

“The first time I came to Barbados I came on a cruise ship and when we docked we went to the shopping area and I liked it very much so I decided to come back with my friend for two weeks and I get to love it even more!” she said.

She spoke about being in love with Oistins especially the party area on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes St. Lawrence Gap in the different clubs.

“I have a friend and she wanted to come so I will bring her along with me. I do not know about the family as yet because they like to go to different places but I know definitely at least once for the year I like to come to Barbados,” the Jamaican born Taylor said.

Past resident of Egypt and present citizen of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Keith Taylor in speaking to this newspaper advised those who do not make it their business to pay the sea a visit to do so for the sake of the relaxation and watching the waves receding and breaking.

“I think that water by itself is an essential part of therapy in terms of hydro therapy sometimes it is prescribed for some people. Coming to the beach and being able to relax, de-stress and expand the social network in meeting others is very good,” he said.

Taylor added that he has his Masters in Science and Nursing from the University of Central Michigan where he also started his Ph.D.

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