Woman needs $1.7 million life saving surgery

Sasha-Gaye Lewis

KINGSTON — The clock is ticking for 24-year-old Sasha-Gaye Lewis who has about exhausted all efforts to source the approximately $1.7 million needed to save her life.

Failure to get radiation therapy to fully eradicate the stomach cancer which has kept her in and out of hospital since last October will mean the end to a life which harbours much hope and dreams for the future.

“I want some help to get the radiation therapy done so I can live out my youth; I am only 24 and I don’t want to die,” Lewis said, as she fought back the tears.

A letter from Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Dr Venslow Greaves, revealed that Lewis was diagnosed as having a tumour in the stomach. She subsequently underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy. The doctor explained that based on the pathological description of the tumour, chemo-radiation is advised.

The type of radiotherapy that is required, he said, is however not available at the Kingston Public Hospital, hence the need to access treatment at the Radiation Oncology Centre of Jamaica.

“The doctors told me in March that I need to do the radiation right away, but because I don’t have the money I have to keep putting it off,” a teary-eyed Lewis explained.

The discomfort of undergoing chemotherapy coupled with the stress of finding the bus fare to travel from her home in Port Antonio, Portland to the KPH at least twice a month have been more than taxing.

Lewis, who had just started preparations for sitting some additional Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate subjects, first knew something was wrong when she started experiencing excruciating abdominal pain and vomiting and had great difficulty swallowing in September last year.

Her worst fears were confirmed a month later when test results came back showing that she was stricken with a deadly stomach cancer. (Observer)

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