The time to act is now

After reading the Barbados Today, I am having one hell of a time trying my effort best to truly understand what the Government is really doing in regards to making things better for the people of Barbados.

On pages 6 & 7 you have issues with the vendors’ right to do business. On pages 12 & 13 you have the two parties finger-pointing and creating a holy mess without any real answers being given to resolve the problems that were created by both of you in the first place.

Then the last page with the winners of the costume bands from Crop-Over having VAT removed from their winnings without as much as a notification in advance.

Let’s get serious for a minute on these issues. First of all, all you Elected Government officials need to check yourselves.

Who set your salaries?

Who gives you the rights to pay raises?

Do you abide by the laws that you have imposed on the common man in Barbados?

Why should you be able to get a pension for the work that you have done when others don’t get anything to speak of in the first place?

You should be made to only do a set period of time as parliamentarians and then get back into the job world like all other Barbadians

Everyone who has been elected should purchase their own retirement plan just like all other Barbadians does.

Why don’t you take a pay cut just as you are asking others who are making less than you are, and working hard for slave wages?

Nothing will ever change as long as you continue to blame each other and never sit and come up with feasible solutions to the problems that are killing the people of Barbados slowly but surely.

How in good conscience you can take VAT from people who are unable to pay in the first place, and you have millions of dollars owed to you by people who really can pay, and should be made to pay?

Just as you want to down size on jobs and payment for children’s education, try doing the same to the lifestyle that you all have become accustomed to at the expense of the same taxpayers that you are about to displace from jobs.

The situation at this point isn’t getting any better from all the nonsense that you are handing the people of Barbados. Things has to change from the way you are treating the people of Barbados. The blame lies on both the DLP and the BLP.

Fix the problems that you both have created and cut the political spiel that you are handing to the people of Barbados. These people have placed you in the positions that you are in today to make life better for them. Not one of you in my opinion is without blame.

The time for change is yesterday — no more time for platform antics, finger point and placing blame on each other.

I remember my mother used to tell me as a young boy that “while the grass is growing, the horse is starving”. This is exactly what you the government is doing.

— Charles Cadogan

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