No double win for LIME teams

Two LIME teams had contrasting results last weekend during their two week two of Canada.

The LIME Masters won the two-day Twenty20 Festival at the Ramblers Iceland Oval with victories in both their matches on Saturday and Sunday against the Ramblers Masters.

However LIME’s youngsters lost both games to a Ramblers X1 side at the same venue.LIME Masters are the four-time defending champions in the G4S Masters cricket competition. They left Barbados last Wednesday for a series of matches and will return on August 28.

Summarised scores: Saturday August 17

LIME Masters X1 125-9 in 20 overs (Anthony Morris 36 not out, Owen Birch 34, Richard Greene 15; S. Anand 4-19, R. Singh 2-13).

Ramblers Masters X1 74 in (19.4 overs) (S. Zaidi 29, I. Ramami 17; Andrew Ellis 4-11, William Lashley 2-9, Wesley Straker 2-21).

LIME Masters won by 51

runs. Ramblers X1 176- 4 in 20 overs (S. Harman 64, H. Priyane 58, O. Fassah 18; Chad Batson 3-20).

LIME X1 64 in (17.3 overs) (Chad Batson 25, W. Brathwaite 13; P. Kurt 2-6, K. Wafa 2-7, J. Jalha 2-8, R. Hussian 2-13).

Ramblers X1 won by 112 runs. Sunday, August 18: LIME Masters X1 167-4 in 20

overs (Owen Birch 43, Paul Bridgeman 43 not out, Richard Greene 26, Richard Moore 23 not out, Don Marshall 14, William Lashley 11).

Ramblers Masters X1 125-9 in 20 overs (Renaldo Holder 57, R. Singh 17, R. Moore 16; Richard Greene 2-5, William Lashley 2-16).

LIME Masters won by 42 runs.

LIME X1 88-9 in 20 overs (William Lashley 33,Chad Batson 17, Marquese Hanson 10; J. Jalha 3-18, K. Wafa 2-7, P. Kurk 2-8, R. Hussian 2-22).

Ramblers X1 89-3 in 15 overs (S. Choan 35, H. Dhindra 25). Ramblers X1 won by seven wickets.

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