Minister gives back to old neighbourhood

Sharing a smile while working for the Lord.
Sharing a smile while working for the Lord.

Economic hard times and a giving spirit are not mutually exclusive, a United States-based Barbadian minister of religion has again demonstrated.

Minister Kathy Elliott returned for the second time to her former hometown of Newbury in St. George to share gift and well wishes with residents, all part of the mission of a Christian-based organisation in the US known as Women’s Motivational Services.

“In the harsh economic times that we are living in today, some of us here in Barbados and Barbadians abroad are still seeking to be ministers for Jesus,” she told Barbados TODAY, before flying back to her adopted homeland yesterday.

“Some travel via bus, car, walk are even plane to do God’s work, but however they can they seek to give back.”

Elliott explained that Women’s Motivational Services is a group of ministers for God, who came together to give back to Barbados and this year they gave back to the Newbury, St. George community — for the second straight year.

Elliott said the ministry would continue to come back to Barbados and make donations.

“When God blesses you,” she said, “you should give back and that is why I see it fit to come back to Barbados and give back some of what the Lord has blessed me with.”

She added she had been a Christian for many years

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