Competition creating domestic violence awareness

richardstoutemeetspressThis year’s Richard Stoute Teen Talent competition will bring greater awareness to domestic violence.

Stoute, a veteran entertainer, made this announcement today while speaking at a press conference at the Clement Payne Centre where plans for this year’s commemoration of the Campus Trendz tragedy of September 3 were announced.

Stoute complimented Comissiong for his efforts in trying to eradicate violence against women in Barbados and maintained that the issue has reached a level where more attention should be given to it. He reminded that two months before Crop-Over this year he penned a song which reflected on the issue of domestic violence with the title: Stop the Abuse.

The entertainer pointed out that he felt that something should be written in song about the issue of domestic violence hoping that men would settle disputes in a relationship in a more amicable way.

He complimented those persons who have shown a lot of interest in the Campus Trendz tragedy and highlighted the interest shown by the media in identifying the issues which affect Barbadian women.

Stoute announced that the young people in his Competition will be performing Stop the Abuse on September 3 together with last year’s winner of the 6-12 competition, Mico Johnson.

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