58-year-old builder in critical condition after fall

by Emmanuel Joseph

injuredmanA 58-year-old builder is today fighting for his life at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, after falling into a nearby gully from a house on which he was working at Highland in St. Thomas yesterday.

Joseph Stephen, of Marshall Parkinson Road, Tudor Bridge, St. Michael, was now in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, his wife Jacqueline Stephen said.

Jacqueline told Barbados TODAY her husband’s skull was cracked, the tissues to his eyes have been torn and face structure severely impacted. She suggested she did not have any misgivings about Joseph’s previous construction jobs, but that this particular one caused her worry.

“I told my husband don’t go into this job; there’s something about this job … he still went into it… it was stress from the beginning,” she declared.

Jacqueline said the man who was working with her husband at the time told her Joseph was laying concrete blocks which broke away, sending him plunging into a gully next to the building, that is still in its early stage of construction.

maninjuredingullyfall“My concern is that I would like prayers for my husband for him to come through, because he is not in good condition. There is nothing more that I can say; I can see that the blocks fall; the gentleman just told me that when he fall, he went down the gully. That’s all I can say, because I was not here. My concern is that he pull through this in the name of Jesus; and I ask people to just prayer,” the seemingly anxious woman lamented.

Joseph is also reported to be on a ventilator, since, this newspaper has been informed, he was unable to breathe on his own. Jacqueline said she did not feel her husband should have anything more to do with this job (if he survived).

When a team from this paper visited the site today, the break away blocks were evident as well as the gully. Joseph’s 55-year-old wife indicated that she was not particularly happy with the house owner’s attitude surrounding the matter.



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