Honouring Gabby

Rhesa Garnes (left) and Tanya Maughn singing.

The Prince Cave Hall at the District “A” Police Station was a hive of activity today as members of the Pinelands Creative Workshop went through their paces in preparation for a tribute to calypso maestro Gabby on Thursday night.

There was singing, dancing and fine tuning of musical pieces as the 30 participants, all members of Camp Fusion, readied themselves to show off their talents.

Gabby also attended this morning’s grand rehearsal and not only sang but offered advice.

The youngsters attended a seven-week summer music programme hosted by the PCW and the Marcus Garvey Resource and Development Centre in partnership with the Royal Barbados Police Force Band.

“The Summer programme was able to expose 30 children ages eight to 16 to a variety of activities that allowed them to expand their knowledge by the way of theory and practical application. Participants were exposed to a variety of art forms including wind and string instruments, dance as well as vocal lessons which was facilitated by the competent personnel of the Royal Barbados Police Force Band, Rhesa Garnes – Vocal Coach, and Shelly Durant of Pinelands Creative Workshop.

“In addition to the musical components, participants were engaged in trips to the movies, tours and picnics; outdoor adventure to Higher Heights, swimming, and other developmental workshops,” said the NGOs Special Projects Coordinator, Sophia Greaves-Broome.

These two dancers from the Pinelands Creative Workshop enjoy themselves.

She noted that Camp Fusion had been one of the objectives of the PCW in its commitment to the retention of various cultural idioms and encouraging creativity among children and young adults.

“The blending of development and the arts creates a well rounded individual and arts professional. The summer program offered by the Pinelands Creative Workshop focussed on wind, percussion instruments; singing or vocal development. This program realizes the vision of creating a structured Community Arts Institute – Pinelands School of the Arts with the responsibility of bringing to life the first community orchestra targeting children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. As the program matures, other musical, theatrical and technical aspects to continue to provide alternative skill sets as well as respond to the interest of our youth, will be added,” said the Coordinator.

The multi media production which will include some of Gabby’s hits – Bridgetown, Boots, Culture, Emmerton,

will be held at the Plantation Garden Theatre on St. Lawrence Road, Christ Church at starts at 6 p.m. (DS/NC)

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