Army assistance

bdfcleanupdeacondweedwhackersThis morning a detachment of 12 soldiers reported for duty at the Deacons Primary School.

They were not there to do drills or rehearse for any possible beach invasion but to tackle the over grown hedges, trim trees and cut the grass which sprung up around the St. Michael school while the students are away on vacation.

Not only were the members of the Barbados Regiment there to clean up as a way of saying “thank you” to the Principal Shirley Marshall and staff for allowing them to use their facilities during the Crop-Over season to run their usual drills, but it was also a way to show the public a softer side of the BDF.

Colour Sergeant Adrian Knight told Barbados TODAY that the inspiration behind the project came from wanting to give back to the school which they have “adopted” after being allowed to use the facilities.

He noted the team was on board with the idea as soon as it was brought to them and because of this support he did not have any challenges in taken on the project.

Lieutenant Colonel Glyne Grannum said that even though it is not a usual practice for the BDF to take on those projects, they factored in community service in their calendar of events. He gave examples of places where they would usually take on community service projects; homes of elderly persons, Children’s Homes and other charitable associations where they would lend a helping hand.

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