A choice to ‘B’

To “B” or not to “B”! That is the question of the year it seems — and surely not Cooper Dan’s interest in the breadth of ladies’ bumpers.

Actually it seems to have been the question for many years now, but many of us will always answer in the most accepted form there is, which is a big “NO!” No one wants to deal with the stigma attached to being a “B”. Well, so it seemed a few years back, but these days being a “B” or of a “B” is no big deal anymore.

The level of pride that goes with being a “B” is growing daily. Females are more likely to show their colours than males and when they do they couldn’t care who looks or what they say. It is flaunted with more pride than a Jamaican flag after, during and before Usain Bolt dismisses the opposition.

My question is plain and simple: Why? I for sure don’t go around stamping my preference for all to see or to be well aware of my letter in the alphabet, so why is it that others must?

The answer could be as simple as because they choose to, or it could be one that delves into the struggles they face to be accepted by all humankind and the taunts and aggression they encounter because they chose to be different. I should go on to say that difference chose them in some cases more so than they making the choice.

What drives me nuts is when those who chose to “B” seem to be pushing so hard their way of living that they seem to be trying to convert others. I see this a lot with the young females. They make the choice they have chosen or that has chosen them come over as cheap, dirty and even rebellious at times.

They have taken the path to “B” and seem to be more interested in proving why their way is the way. I guess those of us who get annoyed and try to show why it is wrong to “B” based on whatever grounds we choose to build our argument, may be seen in a similar if not even light. We are quick to quote Bible scriptures, but yet we are being more sinful than Satan and Osama. It seems like there is no win for either side.

Every big movie or sitcom these days must have a couple or two who are fighting with their chosen path or have decided to be as bold and brave as can be and let the world know exactly what they are. It is not something you can get away from, because the world of television has made it very clear that they are going to be as liberal as ever.

Modern Family is one that comes to mind and I must say I find that show rather entertaining. What I don’t like is when a grown man has to make the extra effort to be what he is. The same for the females these days as well. Grabbing their crotches, and buying out all the size 34 Levi jeans is a classic example. The buying out of the jeans is the more annoying part for me.

The men who must walk and try to be more wiggly than the worm on the end of a fishing rod, plus wear very bad weaves and make up can be a bit tough for some to digest. I guess it depends on your digestive system and your taste.

On the other hand I think what makes one most comfortable is the way one should be. I don’t think I am homophobic or condoning any unchristian like behaviour. I always say keep your style and way to yourself and I don’t get caught up with the bashing.

What I think I may need to do is start a heterosexual society. With the emergence of the latest association “BGLAD”, it is clear to see some equality is being sought. I have young children and if anyone of them comes to me and says “Daddy, I have decided to ‘B’,” I will have no choice but to respect their way. My not accepting it is another story, but it could only make it harder for me.

The world is changing and will continue to change. More and more will get sick while being in the closet and decide to come out. I only ask that the preference be kept and not masked to please the public. That sort of behaviour angers me very much.

I have seen families destroyed and left in tatters after something like this comes to the fore and it usually is through being caught and not through a confession. I am still contemplating my association, and male and female are all invited. With the way things are going and the rate in which they are, just like the other fading species, so too could the heterosexual.

If you choose to be or not to be, that’s a matter for you. I still see you as a human being and not as an alien. Be respectful whatever path you take, be it a straight one or otherwise. There will always be debate for and against and more often than not the wishes of the Holy Book will be heavily pushed.

At present I have chosen, or should I again say that my path has chosen me not to be. I may not be part of the minority, but like those who have their pride in their way of life, so too do I and I will not be making any move from my stance in any time to come. That is what I will always be.

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