Scotibank pushing youth forward

Participants in the 2013 World of Work Programme.

Scotiabank recently welcomed 24 students to its 2013 World of Work Programme; its annual summer internship that has been in existence for approximately 20 years.

The WOW Programme is overseen by Manager Recruitment & Staffing and the Assistant Manager HR Support & Employee Services, and exposes participants to the different aspects of banking, as they are assigned to all branches and units of the Bank.

Initially the programme was a partnership for students attending Secondary Schools in the North of Barbados, but has since expanded to other secondary schools and tertiary institutions, including the Barbados Community College, the University of the West Indies, and even some external universities.

Rico Layne of Scotiabank leading the orientation session.
Rico Layne of Scotiabank leading the orientation session.

The selection criteria are based on referrals and recommendations by School Guidance counsellors and then students submit their CVs and application letters as though applying for a regular job. The final participants were short-listed based on their career goals, development path and current skills and competencies.

Scotiabank Manager Recruitment & Staffing, Maria Clarke explained: “Scotiabank is very happy to partner with the young people of Barbados, to contribute to their career development. This programme provides an excellent feeder pool for future career bankers, and also equips the nation’s youth with four weeks of valuable work experience.”

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