Dems unsure of crisis resolution

Labour Party has finally admitted that the country is in crisis. They seek to blame all but themselves. But here is where it started as I noted in my letter to the editor of January 10, 2008.


When I read the account of the promises of the Democratic Labour Party I wonder how they can commit to sending overseas at least US $10 million — fuel, manufacturing and materials building costs; and millions more on vehicle importations in the first 100 days before earning a penny for the country.

Is this a new “in zero, out nuff” economic policy?

— Michael Rudder

One Response to Dems unsure of crisis resolution

  1. farmerfitch September 18, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    i am no scholar but i feel that if government needs to cut back and save money they should first give those members of parliment ministerial positions , what are they getting paid for(doing nothing)and then they appoint senators to do ministerial jobs . They are proving to be wasteful in this area of unaccountability.unfair.


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