Lodge @Plae invitation

The Lodge School Old Scholars Association invites one and all to come out and support them as they stage Lodge @ Plae on August 17 at PLAE (formerly Ocean Park).

The aim is to raise funds towards the purchase of a vehicle for the school to help shuttle students to school-sanctioned events during and after school hours.

President Howard Griffith explained: “The school does not have any transportation, other than a station-wagon vehicle at present, and we consider it our responsibility to give something back. Out of our discussions with the principal and faculty, this is one of the priority areas that we would like to assist in.”

Griffith added that each time the school sends students to various events, it incurs a significant cost, and therefore, making a donation of this nature not only practical, but timely.

Not only present students will benefit from a successful Lodge @ Plae event. A raffle for past student George Jones will culminate on the night, when the proceeds will be declared even though he lives overseas, and would not be present to make presentations to the lucky winners. Jones, a founding member of the former Square One band, is currently facing costly medical expenses.

Lodge @ Plae promises a full entertainment package and this event is not just another fete, Griffith promised. It will serve as a special showcase for the talent that has come out of the school’s rich history. The lineup full of past and present students will include both big names, and up-and-coming artistes.

Among those expected to perform will be Biggie Irie, Blood, John King, Crimeson, Nikki Nicole, Mac Fingall, Ras Iley, Terry Mexican Arthur, Coopa Dan, Gorg, D2. Deejays Peter Coppin, Ginseng, Armageddon, and Nikos Boxill will keep the momentum going between acts.

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