City clean-up

policeonswanstreetcoolerThe streets of Bridgetown were transformed into a “safer” and “less obstructive” place to walk and do business today as the lawless, limers and illegal vendors felt the “full presence” of the law as police officers began an ongoing campaign to bring back law and order to the City.

Racks of clothing, which once blocked the side walks were relocated along the road in places such as Swan Street and limers who “harassed” passersby while consuming alcohol were made to “check themselves”.

Some members of the public were evidently relieved, recognising they no longer had to walk in the line of traffic as they went about their business. The unsightly scenes of discarded materials and selling of produce under unsanitary conditions also seemed not as apparent when police launched Operation Recapture Bridgetown.

“The police got Bridgetown clean,” one passerby was heard to shout.

Perhaps the most congested section of the City, Swan Street, particularly on Fridays, was a little easier to traverse this afternoon. (EJ)

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