Graydon Sealy students celebrated for CSEC exam results

Hip! Hip! Horray! (From left to right)Allyson Welch-Pinder, Desire Durant, Jonathan Alleyne, Shaniqua Quintyne, AsLaura Harisssain and Toni Wharton.
Hip! Hip! Horray! (From left to right)Allyson Welch-Pinder, Desire Durant, Jonathan Alleyne, Shaniqua Quintyne, AsLaura Harisssain and Toni Wharton.

Teachers at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School have many reasons to smile today. This is because several students of the Paddock Road, Garrison institution are top achievers in this years CSEC examinations.

Principal of the school, Matthew Farley, in a press conference this morning, stated that the results ranged from students passing six to 11 Caribbean Examination Council exams. Collectively the students were commended for passing six subjects in one sitting — with four of them exceeding that number.

Included in the scholars was hearing impaired student, Toni Wharton, who passed six of her CXC’s, having been with the Graydon Sealy school from first form.

Wharton, who was a student of the Irving Wilson School, was aided through the years by teacher Carmelia Alleyne, who was described as being her eyes and ears.

Hearing impaired student of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, Toni Wharton, describes her feelings to her mom Marcelle Wharton.

“Toni had her own brain and she rubbed shoulders with mainstream students in what we would call a mainstream school, with a disability that has not proven to be an inability and we really salute Toni for her success,” Farley said.

“When I analyse the quality of the performances and I look at the grades, sometimes students have passes and may scramble and scrape a grade three, but in this analysis I am seeing close to 60 per cent of the passes either in the grade one or grade two category. Success in the true form of the word. So we had something like 42 passes and 25 of the 42 passes were either grade ones or grade twos,” he stated.

The principal cautioned students generally that they could not expect to hate the teachers, hate the school, hate the principal and then expect to pass the subjects. He added that success being celebrated today demonstrated that they had a good attitude toward their school, exams and the work generally.

President of the PTA, Reverend Cernell Brathwaite, in her congratulatory remarks advised the students to maintain their positive attitudes towards studying.

“Give where you want to go after Graydon Sealy lots of thought, find out exactly which career you want to pursue and go forward boldly. I believe you will go far,” she said.

This year the seven students will be receiving cash awards of $1,000 each for their academic accomplishments.

Athlete and awardee Shaniqua Quintyne said her initial reaction to her results was one of extreme jubilation — so much so that she screamed loudly.

“I was checking out my results on the website where they were posted and I [screamed] and my mom came running to the bedroom, like what happened, and I was like I got back all my CXC’s and she was like I am so proud of you and started hugging me,” Quintyne said.

The athlete said balancing athletics with academics was indeed difficult but she was quick to mention that she had a positive mind set and attitude.

Jonathan Alleyne, who achieved 11 passes, said initially it was difficult having to prepare at the last minute for the large number of subjects he was about to take. However, today he said he was very pleased with the outcome and was looking to further his education at the University of the West Indies or the Barbados Community College come September.

The other four top achievers were Desire Durant, AsLaura Harissain, Paige Maynard and Allyson Welch-Pinder. (MR)

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  1. Dee Morgan August 18, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Congrats to the Principal, staff and students of Graydon, continue to strive for excellence!!

  2. Bajan Jewel August 19, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Graydon Sealy, I am PROUD of you!!!!!! continue to excel as I know you can. God Bless You all!!!!!


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