Students mad over fees

Kasim Queeley and Candice Allain.
Kasim Queeley and Candice Allain.

Members of the Students Guild at the University of the West Indies have spoken out strongly against the planned introduction of tuition fees for Barbadians studying UWI.

In a press conference today at the university’s Moot Court in the Faculty of Law at the Cave Hill campus, former vice president of the St. Augustine Guild, Candice Allain, said that the purpose of the conference was so their regional partners could show solidarity and support in fight for something which she said they believe should remain free — education.

Public Relations officer of the Cave Hill group, Kasim Queeley, also objected to comments that students at UWI wasted time when they should be studying for their degrees.

Allain stated that what was described as time wasting arose from persons not understanding what occurred.

“Courses such as engineering cannot be completed in three years. If you want a very productive work force you would want the best out of a degree and if that means it is going to take six years for you to be the best engineering student and come out to be the best engineer then so be it. I would understand that you would want to allocate a time limit

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  1. Ncholas J August 16, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    What foolishness is he talking? 6 years to complete an engineering degree???? I know PLENTY of engineers who did their degrees in the 3 years allotted, except for the few that were “playing d tail” and had to spend an extra year. Even if he wanted to put forward an argument for doing it in 4 years, but you expect taxpayers to support a student doing an undergrad degree in engineering for six years at $33000+ per year (tuition cost plus econ cost). Multiply that by 150 students and tell me how much you get. Not in these economic times, buddy!


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