Pain inflicted for a cause

budgetdebate2013johnboyceA Government minister this afternoon expressed confidence that Barbadians would respond to the expected investment and growth which should work hand-in-hand “with the fiscal consolidation and the pain that we may have to inflict for a period of time, and for a cause”.

Minister of Health John Boyce was joining in the ongoing Budget debate in the House of Assembly.

Suggesting that the success of Tuesday’s budgetary proposals would depend on their implementation, Boyce asked citizens to recognise the kind of structures to be put in place so implementation could be guaranteed.

The minister referred to the oversight by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, the Investment Committee and monthly monitoring and reporting as examples of the level of focus on implementation.

“I am confident in my view that Barbadians will respond and we will see that investment in Barbados take place, which would allow the growth that is so necessary, the job creation that is so vital, to take place alongside the fiscal consolidation and the pain that we may have to inflict for a period of time, and for a cause,” the minister declared.

“We have signalled to Barbados, that there is a correction that is required … and I am satisfied in the fact that there will be some pain,” he asserted.

Boyce assured that his Government did not take pleasure in imposing the proposed cuts and taxes, insisting that the Budget was about seeking to resolve the current economic and fiscal problems. He also urged citizens to take the journey with the Government, telling them that things would return in short order, once the measures were implemented.

“It pains us if there has to be some level of dislocation, but we know, and we are confident that once this takes place, in an environment of high implementation, then growth will be part of the reality of the experience, and we will return in short order, to a country where, once again, offer all of the wide choices, the wide and many choices;w but we are asking the people to take this journey with us, as we correct a fiscal imbalance, that if not dealt with, will wreak havoc on our finances,” the Minister of Health asserted. (EJ)


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