Hiring freeze will affect families

budgetdebate2013cynthiafordeThe Democratic Labour Party Government has betrayed the trust of the people since assuming office on February 21.

Parliamentary representative for St. Thomas, Cynthia Forde, came to this conclusion today while speaking on the 2013/2014 Budget in the House of Assembly.

She recalled that a circular was making the rounds in April 2010 or 2011 which addressed the issue of filling vacancies when officers go on leave.

Forde said: “The full reality has now hit home where the Budget has shown that there will be a freeze on hiring staff. And I wonder if the minister of the environment did not know that, because every time you heard people going on at the National Conservation Commission as general workers and lifeguards. And I have some play parks in Cane Garden and Edgehill Terrace that I have to be begging other institutions to cut the grass to save the residents from rodents. I cannot get any help yet general workers are being hired every day.”

She warned that the hiring freeze would cause great concern in many families and the amalgamation of 18 government entities would have serious repercussions.

Forde argued that since the presentation of the Budget many people had not slept because people who have to work to pay bills and raise families want to know that they would remain gainfully employed.

“If they cannot buy food, if they cannot feed their children, if they cannot pay their bills, if they cannot do the many things they were accustomed to doing like put petrol in their cars, it will affect them,” Forde argued.

The St. Thomas MP queried what would be case when female police officers go on maternity leave if any person will come in to replace them; and further asked if St. Michael South Central MP, Richard Sealy, would be paid an acting allowance when he acted as Prime Minister.

Turning her attention to the cut in the reverse tax credit, Forde stressed that this action would affect the gas attendant and persons employed in menial jobs. (NC)

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