Harrison College takes lion share of scholarships and exhibitions

harrisoncollegeThe majority of Barbados Scholarships have gone to Harrison College, but there is a reduced number of students winning the coveted national award this year.

The Crumpton Street school had 11 of the 16 national scholars announced today by Minister of Education Ronald Jones, followed by Queen’s College with five.

Harrison College was also on top with eight of 18 Exhibition winners, with Queen’s again second with seven and the Barbados Community College three.

Scholars from Harrison College this year are: Therese Branch; Stephan Bridgeman; Llorah Burrowes; Dominique Charles; Erica Dulal-Smith; Alaija Evelyn; Luke Grant; Maricel Hope; Syed Kodilinye; Pascal Pragnell; and Mario Simmons.

The Queen’s College winners are: Courtenay Chase; Petra Greenidge; Tiffany Hinds; Ashley Roberts and Brandon Sabga,

Harrison’s eight Exhibition are: Danielle Estwick; Ayana Harewood; Ondre Harper; Shonee Howell; Ashley McCarthy; Akilah Pratt; Nicola Rouse; and Joshua Steinbok, while Queen’s were Alejandro Boxill; Gabrielle Boyce; Nikkielia Bradshaw; Jerel Phillips; Karine Ruck; Antoinette Sealy; and Simone Scott.

Exhibition winners from BCC were Reyda Gay; Dominique George; and Taylor Mirkarimi.

Harrison College Principal Winston Crichlow told Barbados TODAY he was delighted that his school had again produced the lion share of Barbados Scholars. He was even more pleased that the boys performed better this year.

“The students continue to do outstanding work. This year I am very elated over the fact that in relation to scholars our boys seemed to have done better than the girls on this occasion. So they are to be encouraged on their performance,” Crichlow said.

He said the school’s team would continue to encourage both male and female students in their performance, and ensure that it was always within the institution’s core values.

The principal also said that while they would continue to educate all students equally, ensuring those who excelled won accolades such as Barbados Scholarships would continue to be a major focus.

In similar vein, Principal of Queen’s College, Dr. David Browne, offered congratulations to all winners, noting that while not all who aimed for a Barbados Scholarship or Exhibition achieved it, they all worked extremely hard and should be proud of their performance.

Browne noted also that all the teachers involved worked hard, and the administration was particularly pleased with the cooperation of parents and the parent teachers association.

He gave the assurance that the school would redouble its efforts to ensure that next time around the number of awards to the school is increased.

Last year 24 Scholarships were awarded, in addition to 18 Exhibitions and two Awards of Excellence.

Harrison College copped 13 Barbados Scholarships, Queen’s College had 10, and The Lodge School one scholar. The Exhibition winners were from Harrison, Queen’s, BCC and Combermere. (RRM/SC)

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  1. ernesta gibbs August 25, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    Congrats to Dominique Charles, Mario Simmons, and Ayana Harewood (Happy Vale Montessori School 1997)


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