Don’t be fooled by BLP

budgetdebate2013jamespaulThe Barbados Labour Party is trying to dupe Barbadians into believing they can afford champagne from the mauby economy the island now has to contend with.

Government backbencher James Paul today urged the public not to be fooled by the Opposition’s utterances on such matters and its “vampire” mentality, saying everyone on the island now had to recommit to lifting the economy out of recession.

“The Opposition is promoting to Barbadians champagne taste consistently, not recognising that we don’t have the champagne economy to do it,” the St. Michael West Central said this afternoon during his contribution to debate on the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals.

“We have to ask Barbadians at this time to appreciate the realties in which we live… We also have to recognise that in order for us to get out of the current economic situation we have to make certain changes.

“The Minister of Finance has come to that recognition and instead of saying to Barbadians that we can continue to live in the way in which we live in the past…, he is saying to them we need to change.

“The world 15 years ago is very much different … but the opposition continues to try to put to Barbadians that this world still exists. We live in a world in which Barbados was graduated to development country status and they (financial institutions) are saying to us ‘If you want to do things you have got to mobilise on your own’,” Paul noted. The Barbados Agricultural Society CEO said this was the context “in which we need to speak to Barbadians today”.

“We cannot continue to make Barbadians feel mendicant as the Opposition is trying to do. We cannot continue to make Barbadians feel that they are entitled to everything without having to pay a price,” he said.

“That is why this opposition is so irrelevant at this time to Barbadians because of the fact that they have not tried to help Barbadians embrace the realities of the times in which we live,” Paul added.

He likened the BLP to a vampire, calling it an organisation dead of ideas, but one intend on killing the good contributions of living beings.

“We need to understand that we need to stop misusing ordinary Barbadians, we need in this whole political debate to stop thinking that we can throw out things to ordinary Barbadians to make them feel that we could fly to the moon. The point is let us deal with the realities; it is what it is,” he said.

Paul also urged the private sector to do more to help Government improved the economic situation, including by reducing its spending on foreign goods, opting instead to support local industry.

“If those hoteliers and a lot of our retailers in this country were prepared to sit down and work with our productive sectors … Barbados would be much better off. We would not only save foreign exchange but we would earn it,” he said, singling out the dairy sector as an example of this.

Paul said it was important for Government and entire country not to let business interest “rape us” or pit politicians against each other. “The blackmailing of politicians is not going to work in this country, because that is what they try to do … and put politicians against politicians,” the MP told the debate.

“Do not be distracted by those who would seem to adopt the vampire approach and would seek to cause whatever panic they could in this nation.” (SC)

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