Scotiabank lends a hand

Scotiabank recently partnered with the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme to put on Camp Enterprise 2013; a five-week entrepreneurship camp open to children ages 13 to 17 years to develop and manage their own businesses in a controlled environment. Working under the theme “Create! Innovate! Make it Happen!” Camp Enterprise was formed out of the National Summer Camp programme of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth, and was coordinated by Selma Green and Paul Leach of YES.

The camp had 40 participants this year, who worked in groups of five to develop businesses in different sectors including agriculture and manufacturing. At the graduation and awards ceremony held at Queen’s College and sponsored by Scotiabank, each group presented their business plan and gave an account of their profits and losses to a panel of judges and onlookers, including their peers and family members.

Manager of Scotiabank Holetown, Caseline Gumbs, one of the judges and award presenters at the graduation, said: “I trust that you have been inspired by the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme to develop and run your own businesses, for today it is evident that younger people are viewing entrepreneurship as a viable career option and even more Barbadians are running successful businesses.”

She was very impressed with the quality of the business plan presentations, and how the campers were able to articulate their overall experience including the challenges of working in a group setting, given that they were not allowed to choose their own group members.

“This experience will certainly help camp participants to develop leadership skills for their own careers, for whether they form their own businesses or become part of the traditional workforce, it is critical to be a dynamic team player,” Gumbs stated.

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