Paying UWI fees up-front will pose problem

uwifountainRetired educator, Dr. Leonard Shorey is opposed to Barbadian students at the University of the West Indies paying any fees up-front because of the challenge it could present.

He was responding to Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler’s, decision to ask students to underwrite the cost of tuition.

Shorey recalled that several years ago he was appointed chairman of a committee which examined the issue of financing university education in Barbados.

He explained that the committee recognised that to require students to pay some or all of the fees up front would pose a hardship for many and it might be impossible for some.

Shorey recalled that the committee recommended that the existing provisions should continue, but that on completion of their programmes students should be required to repay a portion of the cost of their university education which could be 25 or 50 per cent.

The retired educator further recalled that it was recommended that there should be a one-year moratorium after completion of their programmes before they would be required to repay whatever proportion government decided should be repaid.

In addition, the committee suggested that the students should be given ten years to repay the money. (NC)

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