Island lover accepts prize after 25 visits

joiningthe25andoverclubAlthough Carlton Vickers can’t remember which year he first came to the island, he confidently declares that he holds a treasure trove of history lessons thanks to his countless experiences in his home away from home.

Vickers was born to Caribbean parents in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. Most instrumental in his latest achievement of being inducted into the Barbados Tourism Authority’s 25 Visits and Over Club was his dad, a Barbadian, who Carl used to hear chatting with friends about Barbados and how wonderful it was.

It was at this point that a young Carl made a pact to visit the island during his lifetime — and so he did. In his own words, Carl admitted “after visiting once I was hooked!” Evidently, dad was right.

Shortly after, he met his partner Faith Jackson, who also joined him at the honorary luncheon at the Cin Cin Restaurant on the West Coast. He wasted no time in introducing Faith to the island more than 20 years ago, and from both accounts, they have shared wonderful experiences and made beautiful memories on the island.

While on island, both of them call the Monteray Apartments in St. Lawrence Gap home, and after so many stays within that vicinity, Carl and Faith were excited to take a walk down memory lane — or rather, old St. Lawrence Gap.

They were fortunate enough to see the evolution of the Gap, remembering when it was a two-way street without the now trademark paving stones which lend to its character. Also, although restaurants such as Champers and Blakey’s have won them over in modern times, they still fondly remember the long-gone Pepperpot Restaurant which was located on St. Lawrence Main Road.

They also recall when Plantation Theatre was held under a canvas tent, and also the void created after seeing the Dover Convention Centre go. Nonetheless, they have embraced the changes along their favourite south coast strip.

At the end of the day, Carl admits that he doesn’t keep a good secret, explaining that over the years he has brought approximately 200 people to the island, the majority of who are now repeat visitors. He explained that on any one trip, he introduced as many as 45 persons to the island.

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  1. Laurie August 14, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    OMG – – In your Aug 14 issue (Features), don’t you mean ‘Island Lover “ACCEPTS” prize after 25 visits’ ?


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