Temporary officers’ jobs at risk

As young people around the world celebrated the United Nations International Day of the Youth yesterday, First Vice President of the National Union of Public Workers, Akanni Mc Dowall, voiced concern that many temporary officers at entry level within the Civil Service may be dislocated following today’s presentation of the Budget.

He pointed out that many young workers in the Civil Service were temporary therefore any draconian measures taken by Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Chris Sinckler, could lead to the termination of their services.

Mc Dowall further stated that many young people were unemployed and because of the economic downturn find it difficult to gain meaningful employment.

“However, we believe that Barbados’ economy will be stronger when everyone has the opportunity to be gainfully employed, participate in the life of their communities and contribute to the prosperity of the island,” Mc Dowall argued.

He gave the youth the assurance that the NUPW was here to speak out on any issue affecting them and that it would give representation when or wherever necessary.

Additionally, Mc Dowall charged that some senior persons were still hesitant to work with young people to ensure that they were as effective and efficient as possible.

The young trade unionist noted that many young people were still not being recognised for the work they were doing within departments and pointed out that there was a lack of mobility within come units.

In addition, he suggested that if young people were given a chance to be involved and lead they could eliminate some of the misconceptions held by the older persons about them.

Mc Dowall also argued that young people had both special concerns and special responsibility in relation to the environment.

“Global warming and ozone depletion disproportionately affect our young people who will have to live for an extended period with the deteriorating environment handed down to them from past and present generations. Young people will be compelled to engage in new forms of action and activism that will generate responses to ecological challenge,” Mc Dowall said. (NC)

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