Building falls into sinkhole

worldsinkholeORLANDO — Dozens of guests at a Florida resort near Walt Disney World were evacuated early today, when at least two buildings partially collapsed after a sinkhole opened on the property’s grounds, guests and resort employees said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Guests “heard the building popping, and they all got out,” said a Summer Bay Resort security worker. He said the buildings at least partially collapsed into a sinkholes.

Dora Dembley, another employee at the Clermont, Florida, resort near Orlando, said Lake County fire officials responded after at least two buildings on the 64-acre property were damaged late yesterday.

“Everybody was cleared out of the buildings, so nobody got hurt,” said Dembley, who confirmed that multiple buildings were damaged, including one whose front was sheared off and appeared to sink into the ground.

One witness told WFTV, a local television station, that “windows were breaking everywhere.”

“One woman was sitting in the tub and the tub levitated, and that’s when she just grabbed a pair of shorts and came out …” guest Maggie Ghamry told the station.

She said another couple with an infant baby had to smash through a room window after the door frame collapsed.

“It was the most … surreal experience I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams.”

Dembley said several dozen evacuated guests were being housed in other buildings on the property, about six miles from Walt Disney World.

A spokesman for the Lake County Fire Department did not immediately return a call for comment. (Reuters)

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