Splashing into summer

nsccamperswaterfundaypoolFor the last few weeks they have been sweating it with just about every sport on the local agenda — from basketball to boxing and cricket to cheerleading.

Today, however, more than 800 students abandoned their usual training venues and converged on the hockey Astroturf at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex for a day of fun and frolick in their own National Sports Council organised water festival.

Those attending comprised eight to 16 year- olds enrolled in the NSC’s summer camps and the splashed in pools, climbed up and slid down water slides, did their best to avoid a “wipeout” on the mechanical surfboard as well as setting out to out-shoot each other with water pistols of all varieties. Camp director Adrian Donavan said it was the

favorite activity for the campers, and assured parents it was executed with “strict” security provided by G Force Security Services along with personnel from council. Everything ran smoothly, he reported.

And judging from the smiling faces and infectious laughter that filled the venue, his conclusions were accurate. Age differences did not matter for these happy campers as they conversed and played in and around the sports facilities provided.

With all the activity taking place the NSC made sure that was a more than adequate supply of the food young campers prefer — but it appear that chicken and chips held sway.

Donavan explained that while they could have done with more water features to accommodate the number of children involved as well as additional portable toilets, he was generally pleased with how he day went.

The NSC supper sports camps will continue for one more week, during which there will be an inter-house competition. A fun day has also been scheduled for the National Stadium next Friday. (CJ)


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