PM says thanks

pmscropover2013receptionThe Crop-Over festival has once again generated numerous economic activity to make Prime Minister Freundel Stuart thankful to the organisers of the festival and it various events.

Last night at the Prime Minister’s official Crop-Over reception at the Ilaro Court, Stuart said that the once again the Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy stated that the festival generated approximately $86 million.

“All of those persons who put their talents on display this Crop-Over season have made our success possible in the year 2013. Every year the festival is growing larger and larger and it is evident that our standards continue to rise and we attract people from all corners of the globe.

“I was very pleased to hear from the Minister of Tourism that the visitor figures looked very good during this Crop-Over season, despite all the challenges that countries across the region have been facing as a result of the global economic crises. Crop-Over has become so popular that it is now a staple in the annual calendar of many individuals all across the Western World,” he said.

Before an audience that was anxious witness performances by Ian Webster, Mikey, Blood and Soca Kartel, Junior Monarch winners, Honesty and Quinn P, Stuart also welcomed the award-winning Barbados Culinary Team as well as King and Queen of the Crop, Grantley Hurley and Judy Cumberbatch. (MR)

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