Amir throws support behind Dravid

Mohammad Amir
Mohammad Amir

KARACHI – Mohammad Amir has echoed the words of former India captain Rahul Dravid by calling for match-fixing to be made a criminal offence.

The talented Pakistani fast bowler, who served a three-month jail sentence for his part in the controversial Lord’s Test match, said that stricter controls need to be in place if match-fixing is to be eradicated.

“Fixing of cricket matches must be made an criminal offence where the punishment should be hard jail,” Amir told TV station Geo Super Sports. “Only then will players be willing to report any approach or offer or unusual activity to the ICC anti-corruption and security unit officers or their management without fear.

“I have been through a lot at a young age and I have learnt a lot. I made costly mistakes, but in order to prevent others from being lured into corruption tougher laws are required by the ICC.

“Main thing is that the ICC needs to keep track of all phone calls made by players and officials during a tour or tournament even if they need help of local police to make this legally possible.”

Amir is currently serving a five-year ban from cricket.

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