Actions suspect

I know people write you about love problem and that sort of thing, but I have something that is really bothering me and I have to tell somebody, because the people who are supposed to do something about it choose to ignore it. And they would know why!

I work in a Government department where for years people all over the office have been questioning the actions of a person who is responsible for finance and the [man in charge] behaves like a purebred goat.

This woman, who was supposed to have been on holiday for more than a month now, comes into the office every day and sits at her desk, while the person who was sent to act for her sits at the side. The replacement does the work, but this woman, who should be on holiday, is doing all the signing.

Now tell me, when someone with financial responsibility refuses to go on holiday, should that not raise a red flag?

I even saw a document which showed that the department was paying for a chemical toilet that is on a property this woman owns, and the department is not doing any work there.

The other things is that this woman has family that operates a company that provides [a certain] service for the department and they have been paid more than $300,000 so far for the year. Nothing unusual there right?

Well, explain how come the department employs people full time to do the same time every day, all day long? Isn’t the country going through hard times? And are we not trying to save money?

There are so many things I could tell you about this woman that should raise suspicion, but still nothing is being done.

Maybe now when they read about it the right persons will ask questions and perhaps carry out an audit.

— Frustrated

While I can’t pronounce on the accuracy of what you have written, I must agree with you that when a senior finance person refuses to go on holiday, or refuses to allow a replacement free and unhindered access to his or her files, people in charge should start to ask questions.

Even if the person has been conducting his or her duties without blemish, the nature of finance management is such that behaving as though the organisation can’t function without you makes people quite suspicious.

It also says a lot about overall management of any entity, because when rank and file workers start whispering about these things it always impacts negatively on productivity and morale. I can only hope that those who have the power and responsibility to act will do so, in the interest of the organisation.

On the matter of paying for services that are already present in the organisation, I suspect that the current cuts taking place across the public service will eventually take care of such practices.

So you have spoken out. There is not much more you can do, so just get on with your work and don’t let it upset you to the point where it affects your health and ability to do your job effectively.

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