A hidden gem

highnoteshamarwatsonHis emerging music career as a gospel artist has its genesis in his mother’s singing.

Shamar Watson, whose services are gradually becoming of increasing demand in Barbados, started his musical journey from about age three, when his mother often sang to him to get him to sleep. And even to this day, the 23-year-old dynamic singer from the Dunscombe Moravian Church, still uses music as a source of comfort.

Shamar told High Note that sometimes when he cannot get to sleep, he “puts on some music” and that does the job.

My first experience hearing this talented singer was at the recent annual Crop-Over Gospel Concert at the Lloyd Eskine Sandiford Centre. I was immediately impressed and asked myself: Where was this young man hiding?

His version of Let Go and Let God, was an instant hit with me — and the sold out audience as well.

It was only during my interview with him yesterday, that I discovered, that someone else of no lesser repute than Berkley Music College-trained vocalist Sheldon Hope, was also impressed when he heard Shamar before the concert.

In fact, Sheldon, who was the producer of the LIME Crop-Over Gospel Concert, chose this young artist to perform based on that previous experience. So one can say, Shamar has substantial backing.

He is now in the process of writing his own songs, while at the same time preparing to record his debut single by yearend. This psychology student at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, intends to return to the studio “some time afterwards” to make his first album.

Although his favoured genres are R&B and reggae, he loves all types of music. Shamar, a former president of his church’s youth group and currently a Sunday school teacher, recalled that the songs his mother sang to him were comforting, because of the positive messages they conveyed.

That positiveness on which his singing aspirations are founded, is the basis of his music ministry going forward.

While praising his mother for influencing his vocal career, Shamar admires gospel acts such as Raphael Saul and John Yarde of Barbados and Deitrick Haddon of the United States. At the same time, he said he would love to share the same stage as global gospel music doyens as Ci Ci Winan and Donnie McKlurkin.

Apart from Let Go and Let God, which he has performed publicly, Shamar has also done Don’t Let Me Fall by the same Deitrick Haddon. His ultimate goal as a Christian artist is to spread his singing message as far and wide as possible to positively impact the lives of people everywhere.

His passion for the development of young people was also evident during our interview. I recommend this outstanding gospel vocalist to anyone who wants to experience really great singing.

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  1. Valerie August 13, 2013 at 2:44 am

    Good going young man. We still have lots of positive, focussed young ppl out there!!


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