Who’s to blame?

I am left every year amazed at the misconception, the misinformation and the blasting — I guess I should say propaganda — that surround Crop-Over.

Let me just say I enjoyed Crop-Over 2013. I got to stand of the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch stage, exchange a laugh with MC Mac Fingall, shake the hand of Stetson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire, Kiomal and Cooper Dan, sit with the band and confirm for myself that musicians are some of the coolest people on earth and to get up close and see the passion oozing out of Aja, the organiser of the event.

I told my wife I was sitting and talking to myself and myself tell me when Mac Fingall give me the mic I am going to run on to the stage and shout “Barbadoooooooooooooooos, how you feeling?!” Run ’bout the stage like Ramasees Brown, jump off a speaker and say “Cross, Let us pray.”

She told me Denis Johnson or Pearson Bowen would then have a breaking news story about a mad priest. But being behind the scenes, seeing the professionalism, feeling the passion, the tension, I felt as if I should have been singing a calypso or sweet soca prayer instead of talking.

Then I encountered the minister who condemned Crop-Over, the events of the season and in particular the people going down to Spring Garden

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