Warner has corruption info

regionaljackwarnernewORT OF SPAIN — Former minister Jack Warner said like environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, he too has information that the multi-billion-dollar Point Fortin highway was rife with corruption.

On Monday, Kublalsingh recommenced a peaceful protest outside the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, saying the Debe-to-Mon Desir section of the highway project was filled with corrupt activities which would fatten the pockets of Government ministers involved.

Speaking with the Express yesterday at the headquarters of the Independent Liberal Party, interim leader Warner said he does not know of Kublalsingh’s evidence, but he received information that was “mind-boggling”.

The construction of the highway started under Warner, who was then minister of works and infrastructure.

“When I began to build the highway to Point Fortin — I want to be emphatic — there was no question of any kind… no quarry owners were involved, no aggregate owners, and I have some evidence of some people now involved in the aggregate business. I say wait and see,” said Warner.

However, speaking to the Express at Rienzi Complex, Couva, yesterday, Works Minister Suruj Rambachan dismissed the allegations of corruption made by Warner and Kublalsingh as “nonsense”.

“As far as I am concerned, everything on that highway at this stage is being done according to the rules of the contract, and that is how it has been,” he said.

Rambachan said Kublalsingh requested an independent report, which was “constantly being reviewed”.

Warner said information shows the quarrying industry was an area of concern.

“What I know is the quarrying industry is rampant with corruption and some of this is affecting the highway to Point Fortin,” he said. “I have evidence, I’m not prepared to go public yet… in the fullness of time,” he added.

Asked if government ministers were involved, Warner said: “That’s the talk… but what I’m saying is that where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Warner said he has been receiving information that leaves him in shock.

“Sometimes the things I get every day based on information and evidence, it will boggle the mind of the strongest person, it has boggled my mind and I ask myself if the prime minister knowingly presides over these kinds of situations.

“But I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and still believe that she does not know, because if she is aware of what is taking place and allows it to continue, then something has to be drastically wrong,” he said. (Express)

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