Reliving the times

communitygroupphotoThe Community High School Alumni’s first Reunion Week of Activities concludes on Saturday with a dinner at Accra Beach Hotel.

The week began Sunday with a service at James Street Methodist Church, all part of the recognition of the now defunct institution that was founded by Mr. and Mrs. D’Arcy Scott in 1955 in response to the overwhelming demand for secondary school education.

The Scotts were members of the James Street Methodist in their early days before moving to the Holetown Methodist church, and for this reason, the alumni felt it fitting to have the church service there.

A release from the alumni recalled: “With the introduction of free secondary education in the mid-1960 and Government provision of additional capacity through the then comprehensive schools, now called newer secondary schools, the importance of the private secondary schools diminished.

“A number of these schools struggled to maintain their viability in the 70s and 80s and several of them eventually ceased operation. The Community High School was one of those whose operations ceased. It closed its doors in 1981.

“The Community High School Alumni was first developed in 1998 and functioned until 2001. After a lull it was revived, and with the advent of a Facebook page in 2011, past students were able to reconnect, creating the zest to restart the alumni.

“Based on the efforts of the past and present members, the alumni was quickly reformed and the first meeting held on June 18, 2011 with its official launching in November 2011. The alumni membership includes 331 members on its Facebook page and it has monthly meetings at the St. John the Baptist Church Hall, Thorpes, St. James. It has memberships both on and off of Facebook, located in Barbados, other Caribbean islands, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.”

The executive of the association further explained: “The absence of an existing school places the alumni in a unique situation, providing the opportunity to seek out a beneficiary, a school/organisation whose emphasis is on education as in keeping with that of our alma mater and the theme of the reunion “Keeping the Community Spirit alive”.

“Our community outreach programme was begun by supporting the Eagle Hall Primary School through the yearly sponsorship of one successful Common Entrance Exam candidate at their graduation ceremony. The recipient of the first award was Kellycia Nurse in 2012 and this year’s recipient was Nefertari Holder.

“Both girls received a plaque, and monetary support towards the expenses associated with start of secondary school. The association also supported the school by donating the banner and decorations for the graduation ceremony, and painting one of the classrooms. The alumni is committed to continuing the support of the school and it students.”

The committee comprises:

Fay Parris – President, Anderson Marshall – Vice President, Vanlair Innis – Secretary, Cheryl Inniss-Bovell – Assistant Secretary, Ryvan Brewester – Treasurer, David Greaves – Assistant Treasurer, Heather Springer – Public Relations Officer, Wendy Worrell, Antonia Sealy, Paula Greaves and Lisa Highland – Floor Members.

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