dolphinsbeachedatbrownesbeachSome described it as a frightening sight, but others who were quickly realised what was happening on Burke’s Beach, St. Michael earlier this morning assisted in pushing more than 20 bottle nose dolphins back from the shore into deeper waters.

One fisherman said that everyone dropped their bags and ran down to where they were, while another said he was a little scared because he though they were baby whales.

“This is the first time I see so many people out this side,” another fisherman said.

He added that the dolphins were an endangered species and could not be consumed or else the law would get involved.

One sail boat operator who did not want to be identified said that all hands were on deck in pulling the mammals back into the water.

“They came about 20 meters in off the shore and panicked because the people got so close to them but it was good that we got them pulled out to sea before they died.”

The reason why so many dolphins came so close to the shoreline was unknown up to press time, but many of the fishermen speculated that a bigger predator chased them in. (MR)

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