Be careful how we brag

I was so excited and proud as a Barbadian to read your cover story Only In Bim, about the freedom of the United States ambassador to move about and enjoy Barbados while the rest of the world went on lock-down due to terrorist chatter.

That is, until I realised that in our braggadocio, we may have unwittingly placed the ambassador’s safety in peril. By advertising via the Internet how free everyone is to move around Barbados, heads of foreign missions may now find themselves being directed by home governments to cease and desist from mixing with the local populace as is the norm here.

Our current Prime Minister and those past have always found it unnecessary to be burdened by security details and this has set the gold standard for the openness and friendly attitude of Barbadians. But the world has changed and some of the fanatics with whom we must coexist may not be of the same mind.

Heaven forbid that these hate filled little people assume that Barbados is the place for easy targets.

So Mr Editor, let us continue to welcome everyone of good intent to our shores, and let us continue to provide them with experiences of happiness and freedom from fear that exist no where else in the world, but let us keep our dirty little secret to ourselves.

— Tom Field

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