Webster not out to get Red Plastic Bag

ianwebsterintuxNew calypso king Ian Webster is not out to burst the Bag.

Fresh from his Pic-O-De-Crop Finals victory at Kensington Oval last Friday in the absence of 2012 monarch Stetson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire, a “very annoyed” Webster moved to head off a controversy between the two today.

It follows the publication of a newspaper headline on Sunday stating he “wants a shot at Bag”.

In a note published on his Facebook pages today, Webster told fans while the headline “has been causing quite a stir”, he wanted to make it clear he had issued no challenge to RPB, who has won the Pic-O-De-Crop title more than any other calypsonian.

“I would like to assure my fans and supporters that I have never and would never make any challenge to Bag or any other calypsonian. I am in a tent with Adrian Clarke who has won two crowns, and not once have I ever challenged Adrian, … furthermore to go and issue a challenge to RPB who has won the crown 10 times,” he said.

“Last year when I placed second to RPB I was very thankful because I had took a nine-year break and for me it was a tremendous achievement to return after such a long break and make it into the top two. There were persons who felt that I should have won and that was their opinion, but not once [did] I grumble about being beaten.”

Webster said this was because he was “happy to place second after being off the scene so long”.

“At the Hilton on Saturday morning I stated that I have never beaten RPB in a competition and I was disappointed that he was not in the competition because if he isn’t there then I do not have an opportunity to compete against him. I said I looked forward to the day when I could be in a competition with him and be able to come out on top,” the calypso king stated.

“I made mention of the fact that I was sandwiched between to legends last year meaning, RPB won, I was second and Gabby was third. Therefore, I had the opportunity to beat my mentor (Gabby) in a competition. However, I have never been able to top RPB.

Calling the newspaper headline irresponsible, Webster said he spoke to both RPB and Mac Fingall on the issue and that “they clearly understand that my words were twisted to attract negative attention”.

“I always hold myself to high standards. In the calypso fraternity RPB and Gabby are viewed as being the best in the business. I want to be in years to come just as they are, ‘stalwarts of this noble art form’,” Webster said.

“In other words, I do want to be the best one day, to be the best doesn’t mean beating RPB or Gabby, but it means that I am consistent on an annual basis in my offerings and performances over a long period of time, and during that time I strive to achieve as much as they have and hopefully more. As it stands presently, I am a work in progress, still striving to meet the high standards set by my predecessors.” (SC)

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