Think big too

Crop-Over 2013 has come to the end. Some have deemed it a successful year.

I found a few things about it disturbing, however. There is a worrying trend that I observed while attending a few activities for Crop-Over this year.

Gone are the days when someone could go onto the stage and answer a simple question and win a giveaway. Now the person who behaves lewd wins the prize.

I was shocked the other night when I attended an event and the MC informed the audience that it was time for a giveaway. Persons came to the stage and basically disrespected themselves just to get a Samsung S4.

I think some of the businesses who sponsor these prizes need to inform the event organisers of the way they want the giveaways to go.

Also, I will never understand why most band leaders in Barbados cater mainly for the average size individuals and forget those who are plus size. On the road for the Kadooment Day too many full figured ladies were spotted looking too tight, too loose or just sloopy.

It seemed as though many just made up a number within the bands. I know many full figured ladies love to jump and have a good time on Kadooment Day but it has come to that point that the full figured population informs these band leaders that they are people too and need to be catered for. Everyone will not be a size 0 and that must be recognised.

I was actually involved in a debate about having a plus size band. It was said that many plus size individuals may not be comfortable being in a band of that nature and would prefer to jump in a band that has average size individuals so that they wouldn’t stick out or be made a spectacle.

I was surprised by the information I was given and took to the Miss Big & Beautiful Facebook page and asked fans what their view were on having a plus size band. Contrary to what I was told, many welcomed the idea and expressed how great it would be for someone to cater for their needs.

I believe it could be an excellent idea but it will be met with some opposition and harsh criticisms. Barbados as we all know is a very critical society.

I do not believe however, that plus size individuals should be segregated in one band we all should be able to enjoy ourselves on the roads. Band leaders just need to be conscious of the fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes.

All in all it was a wonderful Crop-Over season, some excellent music coming through our airwaves and the added spectacle of the first ever CPL tournament being introduced with a festival flair.

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe week ahead!!!

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