Senate approves supplementaries

 Leader of the House Senator Maxine McClean
Leader of the House Senator Maxine McClean

Government’s spending of more than $274 million in supplementaries outside of its annual budget has been approved by both houses of Parliament.

After the House of Assembly did so recently, the Senate followed suit when it met today, but without debate.

The Final Appropriation (2012-2013) Bill, 2013 was approved by the Upper House after the measure was moved by Leader of the House Senator Maxine McClean, who said the money spent was “in respect of the financial year ended March 31, 2013”.

“This bill would provide for the grant of $274 million from the Consolidated Fund and for the appropriation of that sum of money for the services and purposes related to the running of government,” she said.

“This bill has been certified a money bill and therefore is not by convention debated in the Senate,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade pointed out before the measure was approved.

Most of the $274 million in supplementaries from the Consolidated Fund were allocated to the Ministry of Health ($76 million) with $67 million of that going to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Other major beneficiary ministries were the Ministry of Transport and Works ($57.8 million), Ministry of Housing and Lands ($41.7 million), Ministry of Education ($39.2 million) including $35 million for the University of the West Indies, the Prime Minister’s Office ($16.6 million), and Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management ($13.7 million). (SC)

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