Perfecting young art

Participants of the camp posing for a photo in the news station at CBC.
Participants of the camp posing for a photo in the news station at CBC.

To stretch ones imagination and to allow all creative juices to flow may not be an easy task for the average person, but if you are artistically inclined and a camper with the Imagine Youth Summer Arts Programme, achieving it is never in doubt.

The programme, being conducted at the Errol Barrow Centre of Creative Arts, at the Cave Hill campus of the UWI is themed What Is Your Imagination and designed to help 11 to 17 year old dancers, actors, musicians, film and animation creators perfect their art.

Producer De Carla Applewhaite, said that the “artistically oriented” camp had the children wanting to excel in what they were doing.

“This year what we are focussing on is theatre, dance and film, but with an innovation we have added animation and that was tutored through the university in Trinidad and Tobago taught by Camille Selvon-Abrahams… Every year we get new creativity and new strengths in choreography by the dancers because choreography is a subject area and one of the pieces to be showcased is purely student choreography.

Campers perfecting their skills in animation.
Campers perfecting their skills in animation.

“What we find in students who come here is that they grow in the art form that they choose and sometimes you may find someone who danced for three years may decide to do film, so continuously changes are seen,” she said.

Applewhaite explained that the repeats who come to the camp displayed a high level of growth in terms of their creative writing and even first timers who had started “dabbling in the artform from school” are now showing a high level of talent.

“Some of them come from dance schools and the film students who repeat behave like they cannot wait to get back to camp. We do not just say do this, do that, but we give them the opportunity to say what they want to do and how they would do it,” she said.

The producer added that the five-week camp, which will culminate with a production on Saturday, will feature pieces from all of the artforms, including animation. (MR)

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