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Eyes on the prize

Campers waiting before a session starts at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Camp.

Campers waiting before a session starts at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Camp.

Participants in this years Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Camp are tossing aside regular summer pleasures for the fulfillment of their gold and silver awards on a “Journey to a Greener Barbados”.

Quarter Master and camp coordinator Louis Boxill said that the 17-day camp would have a four and five day expedition for the silver and gold awardees respectively.

“The gold will do an adventurous journey and will focus on eco-tourism looking at areas of gully dumping and marking those areas while hiking or they can do a report showcasing natural and man-made features along the inland and costal areas. The report is going to be very critical to their award because it is going to be useful and give us the potential of nature trails and eco tourism in Barbados,” he said.

The camp coordinator explained that one of the main aims of the camp was to show participants that they could play their part in moving their countries to a greener state through recycling and reducing the amount of paper and plastic used.

The regional programme includes campers from Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, U.K, Antigua and The Bahamas.

Expedition Leader Kenrick Rogers said that he expects his campers to have a great time while understanding the reasoning behind the theme.

“We want to give them a better idea on how to use and reuse items in various ways to preserve our small, little piece in the whole big globe. So hopefully after this the visiting campers will take back some of the ways we recycle and ways we promote aspects of green living,” he said.

Boxill added that the final days of camp would include a fun day, sports day, treasure hunt, talent night and a closing ceremony. (MR)

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