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kadooment2013lilrickCarlisle Car Park was the place to be Saturday night for Lil Rick’s Dis Is Rick Live Concert in association with LIME.

The popular soca artist, who declared early that he would be sitting out this year’s competitions, instead decided to treat his fans to about seven hours of entertainment featuring the hottest names in soca on the local circuit.

The event had a line-up that was touted to include Edwin Yearwood, Mikey and Blood, Biggie Irie, Hypasounds, Peter Ram, Philip 7, Foreigner Frank, Cooper Dan, to name just a few and had his fan jamming and going wild.

When the soca boss himself, Lil Rick took the stage it was exactly what the crowd was waiting for and they went even more wild, jamming to his hits of 2013 and some of his past ones too.

While the show reportedly ended at about 5:30 a.m., just half hour short of the scheduled 6 a.m. close, some fans and supporters reported having an excellent time and in fact said it was too short. Others thanked him for opening the gates to give them better access to the front of the stage so they could party more. (LB)


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