Warner: Postponing elections would spell trouble

regionaljackwarneroutandaboutPORT OF SPAIN — The Independent Liberal Party will be going after the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation and the Chaguanas Borough Corporation aggressively for the local elections.

This announcement was made by ILP leader Jack Warner when he spoke with reporters yesterday at his Chaguanas West office. Warner said any postponement of the elections would only spell more trouble for the government.

He said the ILP has plans on capturing the Point Fortin and Sangre Grande corporations and others, either entirely or in part. Warner said the ILP would be setting up shop in Bon Accord, Tobago, on August 15 since he believes that most of the island has gone green.

Warner said he was also receiving positive responses from some government ministers. He said Finance Minister Larry Howai has promised to assist a woman who came to him in tears seeking assistance on a matter involving the HCU.

Warner said, however, he was disappointed that members of the cabal were still victimising people who supported the ILP. He said Fitzroy Beach and a delegation visited him around 3 a.m. yesterday and launched a formal complaint.

He said President Anthony Carmona’s speech must not fall on deaf ears. Warner called on all MPs to get up early to serve the people.

“I am where I am because of representation,” he added.

Warner said his victory should be a wake up call for other MPs to hit the road and represent their constituents. He said many of them only wanted the luxuries of offices such as fancy SUVs but do not want the substance of office such as working for the people.

“T&T is crying out for service,” Warner said. (Guardian)

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