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Til sunrise

kadooment2013foredayrihannaPerhaps the single fastest growing event on the Crop-Over calender, some 40-plus bands were on the road for Foreday Mornin’ this year.

With a growth this year from 35 bands in 2012 to about 44 on the road for 2013, the early morning mas has become the fastest growing registered event of the festival, with an increase of some 3,000 additional revellers this year as well.

Given the number of bands, the mass of revellers and the challenges associated with ensuring they all enjoy mas, organisers are examining the possibility of Foreday having its own day next year, instead of falling after the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals as now happens. And this year, Bajan superstar Rihanna was one of the approximately 21,000 revellers playing mas on August 3. (LB)


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