Ding-dong battle

cropover2013juniorqueenyoungerIt was a tough contest filled with surprises this year for the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch competition.

Annually the competition begins as a National Cultural Foundation-run programme with workshops and training sessions for the loads of young people who express the interest in the calypso genre. It then progresses to preliminary rounds where the best are selected for the competition stage.

This year, two virtual unknowns — Quinn Quinn P Prescott and Charice Honesty Walrond — walked away with the titles of monarch in the 8 to 12 and 13 to 18 categories respectively. Quinn P’s song was Living With HIV, while Honesty sang Respect De Disable.

It was Quinn P’s second time in the finals and Honesty’s first, though the latter had entered the competition four times before. In the 8 to 12s, last year’s monarch Jazz Jazz-Z Gittens came second; favourite Asher Dynamo Murrell, third, with first-timer Kymorhi Mighty KT Trotman in fourth.

Among the seniors, former two-time monarch Aziza Aziza Clarke came second, similar former monarch Samantha Sammy G Greaves, third, with first timer Chad De MC Montplaisir in fourth.

In a competition that went right down to the wire this year, the youngsters showed that calypso is in good hands, with not just the impressive voices, but the stage performances and presentations on finals night as some pulled out all the stops to impress and woo the judges. (LB)

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