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Calypsonian Smokey Burke has a suggestion for the National Cultural Foundation.

A reserve for tonight’s MQI/Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop Finals at Kensington Oval, he said that person should become a part of the show.

“I would suggest that rather than have a reserve walk around at the Semifinals and the Finals, then rehearsing knowing that there is nothing to do, that the reserve becomes part of the show for two reasons.

“You’re hiring a guest performer to make sure the sound system is good, you already have the reserve there. So you pay the reserve what you’re paying the guest performer and he goes on stage and sings.

“… Let us say that contestant number 5 faints … [on] the night and cannot perform, the reserve has already performed. The judges will judge the reserve when he performs, knowing that he is a reserve but that also gives them a platform off of which to judge the others, because sometimes contestant number one comes on and judges are at sea should we give him X amount because they have nothing else to weigh it against,” said Burke who is a member of the Cave Shepherd All Stars calypso tent.

Bajans Too Love a But and I Wid De NCF This Year were the two songs he judged with at the Semifinals on July 24.

Last year, Natahlee, who was a reserve in the Sweet Soca competition made the same suggestion to have the reserve perform at the event.

She told Barbados TODAY after a rehearsal session at Lester Vaughan School then, that calypsonians/artists who have been named as reserves in the various National Cultural Foundation competitions – Pic-O-De-Crop, Sweet Soca and Party Monarch could be still given a chance to perform.

She said: “It is up to the individual to determine how much presentation he/she wants to incur costs for, because whether you perform or not if you have people on standby and you have things in place, you still have to pay for them. So it depends on the individual and how far he/she wants to go with the preparation.

“It has never happened before and the circumstances happening would not be the best. Everybody wants a chance to perform but when you consider the circumstances of a reserve performing it may not be the best.

“What I thought of, and maybe it’s something the NCF can think about for next time, … and it’s not because I am in this position now, … I think that the reserve, after the competition has been completed, should be given an opportunity to perform for the people.

“The band has to do the same number of rehearsals for the reserve. The reserve has to come to the rehearsal. For some people the bells and whistles that would exist in the competition would not be there but it would still give the reserve an opportunity to perform,” she said.

She said those artists could perform after the competitions ended and “you know for sure all the competitors have turned up”. (DS)

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