No parking in spring Garden and Kensington areas

People who do not live in the Westbury Road, Pickwick Gap, 10th Avenue, Wharton’s Gap and New Orleans communities, will not be permitted to enter those areas by vehicle for the purpose of parking.

Aja, the National Cultural Foundation’s producer of Grand Kadooment and Pic-o-De-Crop, who represented the foundation at a news conference this morning with the Royal Barbados Police Force at its Roebuck Street Headquarters, said residents of those districts would be issued with vehicle passes so they could enter their homes during these events.

He said the NCF and police had partnered with regards to parking in the Spring Garden, Kensington and surrounding areas.

“The National Cultural Foundation and the Royal Barbados Police Force have partnered with the Westbury Road community and … the residents that live there with respect to parking. No persons from outside that community would be allowed to park in Westbury and all the side gaps.

“You know there is Paris Gap, there is Morris Gap. We heard a lot of horror stories of what happens. People come down there at 5 o’clock in the morning and park in front some person driveway and gone on Spring Garden for the rest of the day,” recalled the NCF official.

“So, all those gaps will be blocked and the community themselves will be involved in ensuring that persons don’t indiscriminately come in there and park. In fact, persons outside of the community will not be parking in there. They will be issued with vehicle passes and the police force will man that.”

He added: “This year, we will be blocking the Pickwick Gap, Westbury Road entrance and also the 10th Avenue, Wharton Gap, New Orleans.” (EJ)

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