Giants of soca

cropover2013lilrickIt was billed as a show for the giants of soca from Barbados and abroad and Wednesday night’s Soca Titans the Movie was also supported by a few giants in the making.

Bumper to bumper traffic from all directions heading to the grounds of the Concorde Experience grounds was a clear indication it was a much anticipated show, but while there were some sparks the show lacked the bang of last year.

One of the highlights of the night was Bobo who has consistently improved over the years and is now getting the public adulation he deserves. His performances are beginning to match his interesting arrangements and unique writing style. If it wasn’t known before Bobo is now a ‘must see’ on this year’s Crop-Over cards and Crop-Overs to come. He was joined by Fadda Fox and the two sang the very popular Boat.

Bobo still has a way to go before he can take over the likes of Lil’ Rick whose concert Dis is Rick is scheduled for tomorrow night at the Carlisle Car Park. In what seemed like a warm up for that event Rick aka the Hypa Dawg mostly performed his current hits and shared the stage with his children – the Hypa Kids and Unda Dawg. He also performed with Shanta Prince but it was the collaboration Monster Winer with Kerwin Dubois that got the crowd going. Though the duo only gave a taste of the King Bubba, Du Bois and Dwaingerous production, for sure this sleeper hit in Barbados will live long after the festival.

Bounding onto the stage just before 2 a.m. Machel Montano and the HD band which included Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy did not disappoint.

Other performances were by Ravi B of Trinidad with his catchy Prescription, Benjamin of Jamaica and Rochelle. (DF)

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